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Akotime is an approved Ministry of Education SELO panel member

SELO (Strengthening Early Learning Opportunities for children, whānau, families and communities)

Professional development in early learning

​Early learning staff who want to engage in professional development may be interested in learning  SELO.


SELO (Strengthening Early Learning Opportunities for children, whānau, families and communities) is a professional development programme to support early learning services. A facilitator will work with management and teachers/educators to support a shift in practice towards high quality management, teaching and learning. Please visit the official Ministry of Education SELO site for detail of the support options as outlined below.

Akotime is an approved Ministry of Education SELO panel member.

SELO programmes

SELO is grouped into two programmes and a service can receive more than one type of SELO at any time.

  1. Programme 1 provides in-depth professional development to strengthen governance and management practices and to support services to meet the licencing requirements.

  2. Regionally Allocated PLD focuses on community specific professional development to support services to be responsive to identity, language and culture; it targets focus areas within the early learning environment including:

  • Infants and toddlers

  • Curriculum (including Te Aho Tukutuku/early mathematics and early literacy)

  • Māori leadership

  • Pacific leadership

  • Leadership

  • Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako

  • Digital technology


It is also available for certificated playgroups and for services with children/whānau with additional needs.

Professional development facilitators

The Ministry of Education have a group of approved facilitators that can deliver professional development across the country, Akotime is one of these approved providers.

Accessing SELO

Early learning services are welcome to enquire about professional development support.

  1. Kōhanga ReoPlease contact your district manager directly:

  2. Te Kōhanga Reo National Trust contacts(external link)

  3. PlaycentresPlease contact Playcentre Aotearoa directly:

  4. Playcentre Aotearoa(external link)

  • Teacher-led services

  • Certificated playgroups

  • Certificated puna kōhungahunga

  • Home-based services


Please contact your regional Ministry SELO lead (see below).

Regional Ministry SELO leads

Get in touch with your Regional SELO lead contact to discuss your support requirements and to gain approval to use Akotime to support your centre.



Tai Tokerau

Christine Lambert,, 09 436 8936


Sarah Morrison,, 09 632 9528

Ngawai Beazley, ngawai.beazley@education.govt.nz09 632 9579


Mere Lawson Nuri,, 07 850 8960

Gill Brown,, 07 858 7140

Bay of Plenty/Rotorua/Taupo

Gina Royal,, 07 349 7383


Hawke's Bay/Tairawhiti

Hana Ruth,, 06 833 6732



Suzanne Beenen,, 06 757 6434

Nicole Hobbs,, 06 349 6310


Marnie Hainsworth,, 04 463 7575

Angela Coutts,, 04 439 4629

Nelson/Marlborough/West Coast

Megan Hannigan,, 03 539 1528

Jodi Kohu,


Paul Habinshuti,, 03 378 7522



Julie Crosswell,, 03 471 5218

Get in touch

Get in touch with the Akotime team to find out more about accessing SELO and find the support you need.

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