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BIG Feelings and BIGGER Behaviours

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• Why do our little learners behave in such challenging ways? • Why won't they listen? • Why can't they just sit still without wiggly bottoms? • Why does the wrong colour shovel turn into yelling, crying, and friends getting whacked? • And why is it that even though we’re saying all the “right things”, it doesn’t seem to be helping? BIG Feelings and BIGGER Behaviours is a webinar that answers those questions - and so much more. In this presentation for every educator nurturing little learners 3-6 years, we'll explore why preschool behaviour can be so challenging. More importantly, we'll look to science for answers, hacks, tips, and strategies to help us easily and effectively respond when preschoolers are acting like... well... preschoolers. In the BIG Feelings and BIGGER Behaviours webinar you'll discover: • What incredible teachers say to children to make things better... but actually make things worse • The source of outbursts and tantrums; wiggly bottoms and ‘broken’ listening ears • A roadmap to staying calm under pressure, and • Quick, evidence-based strategies to guide your little learners through their most challenging moments and back to calm. BIG Feelings and BIGGER Behaviours is for amazing and passionate (but exhausted and overwhelmed) teachers who now, more than ever before, are experiencing more challenging behaviours, from more children, more often. Together, let’s get curious to see how these outbursts can actually be OPPORTUNITIES, to help our children thrive, and make YOUR day a whole lot easier and enjoyable. Get the fun, quick solutions you need and start playing your way to: • Reduce challenging behaviours • Calm BIG feelings • Master self-regulation and • Nurture emotional intelligence and surround yourself with little learners who are calm, connected and are ready to learn and make great choices! PRESENTED BY DESALIEGH HARVIE - CEO & FOUNDER OF MINDBUBBLES https://mindbubbles.com.au/?v=8e3eb2c69a18 Desaliegh has a background in Behavioural Psychology and Neuroscience, specialising in early childhood development and trauma, with over 20 years’ experience. Her teachings in the early childhood sector are shared in over 28 countries around the world and she feels so excited to share in her passion and knowledge, so that together, we can have a BIG impact on the lives of little learners.

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