ECE Management Support

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Have you just bought an ECE centre? Are you new to centre management? Do you have a tight budget and want to target support to the right areas and get maximum results for yourself and team?

We provide management consultancy and professional development support by the hour, affordable and targeted to meet individual and team needs in-centre and online.


ECE Management Consultancy areas covered;


  • Centre policies and procedures

  • ERO (Education Review Office) reviews

  • Governance

  • Curriculum support and development

  • Teacher registration

  • Professional development and training

  • HR advice and guidance

  • Finance advice and guidance

  • Building a positive culture in the centre

Buy time by the hour to get the support you need, just choose how many hours you need below to get started.  Consult with one of the ECE Management team to plan out the support you need and the time required.

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