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Have you just bought an ECE centre? Are you new to centre management? Do you have a tight budget and want to target support to the right areas and get maximum results for yourself and team?

We provide management consultancy and professional development support by the hour, affordable and targeted to meet individual and team needs in-centre and online.


ECE Management Consultancy areas covered;


  • Centre policies and procedures

  • ERO (Education Review Office) reviews

  • Governance

  • Curriculum support and development

  • Teacher registration

  • Professional development and training

  • HR advice and guidance

  • Finance advice and guidance

  • Building a positive culture in the centre

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Odele, Manager

Leading the Management Consultancy team & PD hub, Odele is a real people person, able to extract the best from her people and communicate what is required in simple terms.


With experience in running centres in Australia and New Zealand, Odele has opened new centres for both private and corporate clients on both sides of the Tasman. She also has experience in revitalising existing centres acquired by new owners.


Not one to waste time, she will pinpoint exactly what is needed and how to obtain it. She works very closely with her team to ensure consistent results at the highest standards.


Sharlene, Consultant

Sharlene’s love and passion for Early Childhood Education has spanned nearly 30 years during which she has gained a wealth of knowledge and vast experience in all aspects of Early Childhood. Through varied roles including a kaiako, centre manager, service provider, associate teacher and mentor, her extensive career includes experience in the complexities of opening centres, meeting Licensing Criteria and Regulations, centre management, curriculum development, assessment and planning, as well as ERO audits. She also has considerable experience mentoring and supporting kaiako through professional growth cycles, leading internal reviews, and developing team leadership, all with a focus on bi lingual implementation and inclusiveness.


Sharlene looks forward to working alongside you and sharing her knowledge and skills.


Harpreet, Consultant

With a natural leadership flair, Harpreet has a passion for mentoring and guiding fellow ECE professionals. Progressing her career from a teacher in training through many supervisor and leadership roles, she has gained a thorough understanding of the contribution and value of each position within a centre structure.


With experience in setting up and opening new centres as well as revitalising existing centres, Harpreet’s 25 years of teaching, leadership and management experience bring a wealth of knowledge through the environment, curriculum, compliance and process. Her philosophy is to work smarter not harder and can help pinpoint the areas of focus to drive occupancy, staff retention and quality of care.


Wendy, Consultant

Wendy has been in the early childhood sector for the past 25 years and is a fully registered

Teacher having gained her ECE qualification from Te Tari Puna Ora O Aotearoa.

Her career started in homebased care before working in ECE services. Her various roles and

experience over the years have included teaching, management and mentoring.

Working in the ECE sector has given Wendy the wonderful opportunity to support teachers to

grow and empower their own learning and make a positive difference in the lives of children

that attend ECE services. She works closely with educators and centre managers to help them

develop to their full potential in their professional growth journey.

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